A Drink at the Root

by Day of Wrath

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released November 20, 2013

All Songs Written & Performed by Philip Fournier



all rights reserved
Track Name: Clouds at Dawn
One of the third that fell
Of the best and brightest gone
Since known abysses' vomit spawn
From horror heaven's drawn
To colour clouds portending dawn.

On his belly he crawls
Chews roots where ruin sprawls
And recalls
What went before his fall.

Hail, narrow Miss!
Will you carry feet of faith
Even to bliss
From regions of the wraith?
Track Name: Open Up
“Hello, old scallop.
And that makes two of us, lonely drowned.

Open up, I can recall
Smudged utterances from your ruins fall
Without a sentiment of rue
Tonight come give to us our due.

I can recall
Trees in autumn, & catching leaves that fall
In the graveyard, Mt. Hope’s regard
With a sentiment of melancholy
And what it meant will always follow.

Mistakes brought scorching reprimand
And now my belly’s cooling in wet sand
Water’s like heaven to hell
But hard to tell
After pain what is gain -
Something for me to see
Or by something to be seen?
I’m glad to be quit of fire
Too wary to aspire
So suit my mood,
And tonight, etc..”
Track Name: Finding Food
The serpent vows
Not to obey
Old visceral laws
Urging him to slay.
He reigns in all
His passion’s heat
To watch her move
But not to eat.

His stomach tremors
Coils tremble
As he endeavors
To assemble
The words with which
He now resolves
To win the lips
Round which his hope revolves.
Track Name: Secret Houses
(The serpent has won his love, and together they look for the first time at the shore, and he reflects as follows.)

Tensions travel from secret houses
To loud open lists
Like anger long days browses
Old hurts to get to fists

Or the twitch deep in her chalice
Sea-thought stretches to mile rents;
Where earth meets ocean without malice
Still there is much violence:

These are her thoughts
That brooding has made big,
White & green and hurled for slots
Hard ages dig.

When one breaks
He only feeds his brother:
Reiteration makes
Mighty his mother.

But should another meet him at the gut
And shoulder him off his rut,
Into unthought gashes
Runs the foam where then he crashes.
Track Name: Forced to Admit
(His ardour begins to cool.)

“I used to love to see you
Yes I tore when you went away
It’s gotten easier to free you
We don’t have as much to say

The eye that couldn’t eat enough
Of each your curves roves distracted
So it is the snake will slough
The love he has contracted.

But still sometimes, a moment brings
The flame that used to seem so steady
And what we can be still sings
In spite of hearts not always ready

To know cooling can be rekindled
Offers hope for hurts
But such solace comes not unmingled
And reassures as it disconcerts:

For isn’t love the coal
That doesn’t give up its burning soul?

And isn’t love the glede that doesn’t fade?
If its gleam is fitful, it is flawed,
Unable to endure the vows it played,
And easily by hours overawed.

So I’m forced to admit
You’re not now the flower I picked
Or I saw what my own thought refined
And since have changed my mind."
Track Name: A Drink at the Root
"Avoid too many
When drinking at the root;
Women’s witless company
Can only pollute...

I thought she’d be the teeth
To sharpen my heart’s voice
And find instead I’m ground beneath
The nettles of my choice.

Denied both friendly solitude -
Of every thought the source -
And what I’d hoped to have accrued:
The brilliance of discourse.

Too much a fool to tell
Much brute thrusting insistence
Can no way in hell
Bridge the deeper distance.

Hello old lonely road
Old smoky wraith
Old melancholy load.
Hello old evening
Fragrant with alcoholic seasoning."
Track Name: Too Much Sugar
"Girl, don’t stray so near
These screams you cannot hear
Love by too much sugar’s marred;
Come on now, baby, don’t make this hard.”
Track Name: A Memory
In some ugly hug
Will rot cherish
The larval slug
Of might that’s perished?
Track Name: Tamarack
“My woman:
This is what we came to see.
My woman -
A most enticing tree.
Only bearer of a cone
To go naked when the nights are long
Or glow in clothes completely new -
More luminescent for the somber hue
Of heavy skies in May.

This tree can heal the heavy past that shrouds,
And give us eyes
Shining from those dark old clouds
More brightly than could be in lighter skies...

My woman,
Where the Tamarack will grow,
Where is his mystery
Maybe once more we’ll know
What when we see each other we do see,
As when our love was fresh,
And know what gazes from the flesh
Whispers what is waiting
So near, like needles in the dark of Spring.”